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PriMED Vital - Nitrile Gloves

Cat # 4557-XL   PriMED Vital - Nitrile Gloves - X-Large

PriMED Vital gloves are packaged in boxes of 100

PriMED Vital™ black nitrile, powder-free, medical/exam-grade gloves were designed to be used by tattooers. These durable gloves offer a comfortable, flexible fit to promote dexterity, and enhanced fingertip texturing ensures a reliable grip on both dry and wet surfaces.

Longer Cuffs: At 10.5” in length, PriMED Vital nitrile gloves provide increased wrist coverage, reducing roll-down and tugging for improved protection and comfort.

Medical-Grade Black Nitrile: PriMED Vital gloves are 100% latex-free, powder-free black nitrile. The low-dermatitis technology helps reduce the risk of developing sensitivities or allergies and prevents aggravation of existing skin conditions.

Fit & Feel: PriMED Vital gloves are made of a durable yet flexible 4.0 mil nitrile that could be compared to Adenna Shadow or Eikon Premium gloves.

Textured Finger-tips: Enhanced fingertip texturing ensures a reliable grip on both dry and wet surfaces.

Glare Reducing Finish: The matte black finish of these nitrile gloves reduces glare when working under bright lighting.

PriMED’s Vital nitrile glove is tested to FDA standards for protection against fentanyl and exceeds the current ASTM D6319: Standard Specification for Nitrile Examination Gloves for Medical Application.

Insider Tip: Although described as black by the manufacturer, these gloves have a slight blue tinge to them.

Available Sizes: S, M, L and XL

Box of 100 gloves.

Available in Canada only.

As one of Canada’s leading healthcare suppliers, PriMED’s high-quality medical products are used in virtually every hospital across Canada and in facilities around the globe.

  • Color: Black
  • Section: Nitrile Gloves
  • Quantity: QTY 100
  • Size: Large

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