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Silverback Ink - XXX1 - 4 oz

Cat # 3166-4   Silverback Ink - XXX1 - 4 oz

Silverback Ink XXX Grey Wash Series XXX1 is the lightest shade in this series and is perfect for those subtle tones. All shades in this series are precisely blended using Silverback Ink® XXX Black and range from XXX1 as the lightest to XXX4 as the darkest. It goes in as easily as it wipes off.

  • Series: XXX Series
  • Available Sizes: 4oz
  • Expiry: 2 years
  • Made In: USA

Why Choose Silverback XXX Grey Wash?

For tips and behind the scenes insight into the complete line of Silverback products, check out Silverback's YouTube Channel.

About Silverback

Silverback Ink® Grey Wash Series comes pre-mixed adding consistency to your tattooing! Silverback ink goes into the skin smooth, fast and even, mixing well with most colors. Precisely formulated by a professional tattoo artist with 21+ years in the business for accuracy and consistency.

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We do our best to provide high quality photos of each color, but every computer has its own personality, so please note colors may vary slightly from screen to screen.

  • Eliminates the guesswork in mixing
  • Four distinct, consistent shades available
  • Economical
  • Uses the new XXX Black as a base
  • : Single Bottles
  • Color: Black
  • Section: By the Bottle
  • Volume: 4 oz
  • Volume: 4 oz

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