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Solid Ink - Victor Chil - Vampire - 1 oz

Cat # 4406-1   Solid Ink - Victor Chil - Vampire - 1 oz

Vampire is Solid Ink's darkest red. This deep red is very versatile and great to use in shadows.

This set was created and perfected by Victor Chil, using his color expertise, and the tones he uses to achieve depth and contrast in work. These colors are meticulously mixed and complex but so easy to use.

  • Series: Victor Chil Set
  • Available Sizes: 1oz
  • Made In: USA

About Solid Ink:

Solid Inks are easy to work with, tend not to harden up in ink cups, heal super bright and Solid. Manufactured from the highest quality natural pigments. Concentrated to ensure maximum color saturation. A proprietary blend of organic pigments, vegetable glycerin, distilled water, hamamelis (Witch Hazel).

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We do our best to provide high quality photos of each color, but every computer has its own personality, so please note colors may vary slightly from screen to screen.

  • : Single Bottles
  • Color: Red
  • Section: By the Bottle
  • Volume: 1 oz
  • Volume: 1 oz

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