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Spirit XL Blue Carrier Sheet - For 3M Copiers

Cat # 3831   Spirit XL Blue Carrier Sheet - For 3M Copiers

Spirit® 28 inch XL Blue Carrier Sheets pair well with Spirit's new 100ft stencil roll, allowing you to cut the length of stencil paper needed. No more taping multiple small sheets together to create long stencils!

Spirit Carriers have been developed to improve the quality of burns on thermal style transfer machines by evenly spreading thermal energy over the entire surface of your thermal paper. Blue Spirit Carriers are designed for use with older American-made 3M copiers and are proven to reduce over and under exposures, ensuring you get clear stencils every time.

Protect your investment: Use a carrier sheet when running stencsils to avoid costly repairs to your thermal copier.

  • 8 5/8 inch x 28 inch Sheets.
  • Designed for use with 3M Thermal Copiers.

Made in USA.

About Spirit:

You are a professional artist. You choose your tools with care. That is why you choose Spirit. From transfer papers to blue carriers to transfer cream, we manufacture high quality tattooing products for artists worldwide. There is a reason why we're the most as asked for name in tattooing. Spirit, behind every great tattoo since 1946.

  • Section: Thermal Carrier Sheets

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