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Spray Stuff - 8 oz

Cat # 3231   Spray Stuff - 8 oz

Spray Stuff keeps marker and pen drawings on the skin longer while you work on your free hand tattoos. The light mist seals your hand-drawn stencil, allowing you to work and wipe more confidently.

  • 8oz (250ml) bottle.
  • Vegan-friendly and safe for most skin types.
  • Spray Stuff is safe and 100% non-toxic with no harsh chemicals.
  • New and improved pump-action spray bottle provides a touchless application.

Made in USA.

About Tattoo Stuff:

Stencil Stuff® was developed in 2005 by Mario Rosenau and Mike DeVries; professional tattoo artists who knew there had to be a better way to apply detailed, precision stencils and achieve longer lasting tattoo stencil artwork. The Original Tattoo Stencil Solution was then created!

  • Section: Stencil Creams
  • Volume: 8 oz

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