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Square Tip - Small

Cat # 1730-S   Square Tip - Small

Eikon Small Square Tip Tubes are machined from solid, high quality, stainless steel. Tips, tube stems and grips are each sold separately so you can mix and match individual components to build the perfect combination to meet your specific needs.
Square Tip Small :

  • Fits 5 mag (0.35 mm or 12 Gauge needle) configurations
  • Fits 7 mag (0.30 mm or 10 Gauge needle) configurations

Three-piece stainless steel tubes (grips, tips and back stems) should be completely disassembled and each piece cleaned individually, packaged and sterilized according to Health Department Regulations.

About Eikon:

Eikon has been a trusted name in tattoo equipment since 1994. We design and manufacture power supplies, tattoo machines, needles, and tubes with artists' needs in mind. We strive to help shape the industry through our research, technical innovations, and commitment to quality and service.

  • Needle Count: Small
  • Section: Stainless Steel Tubes
  • Configuration: Square Tip

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