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Symbeos Rotary - Flex System - Titanium

Cat # 3381   Symbeos Rotary - Flex System - Titanium

The Symbeos Flex System is a 2-motor set of interchangeable components that you can use to tweak your Symbeos Rotary for any coloring or lining job.

Interchangeable Symbeos components are easily switched to alter speed, force and give. Within a couple of minutes you can: change from one motor to another, change the slide system, or change the stroke wheel. This allows you to have all the personalized control you need from your Symbeos machine without jeopardizing the entire set up.

Available in: Titanium, Matte Black, and Army Green

The Symbeos Flex System comes pre-assembled as a Coloring machine, and includes all of the following components:

Body: Anodized Aluminum, made from durable, lightweight and precision-machined 7075 Series aircraft aluminum. All are designed to the same specs so you can build any Symbeos machine you require.

Motor: Swiss-made MAXON motors, specifically designed for tattooing to reduce noise and vibration.

  • #4 Motor - 19mm: Fast speed, medium torque
  • #6 Motor - 22mm: Medium speed, high torque

Stroke: 3 types with oversized, German FAG-brand bearings for reduced noise and friction.

  • 3.4mm - Medium stroke
  • 4.0mm - Long stroke

Give Adjustment 3 adjustable slides constructed from wear-resistant Delrin.

  • Piston Slide: Medium-to-hard give by adjusting the thumbscrew a quarter turn at a time.
  • Cushion Slide: Soft, to medium, to hard give by swapping out the Blue (Soft), Red (Medium) or Black (Hard) elastomer inserts.

Connection: RCA and Clip Cord

Want to get the most from your Flex System?
By purchasing 1 other Symbeos machine bodies and using the spare parts that came with your Deluxe System, you can build 2 complete machines.*

1 year warranty

Made in Spain

About Eikon:

Eikon has been a trusted name in tattoo equipment since 1994. We design and manufacture power supplies, tattoo machines, needles, and tubes with artists' needs in mind. We strive to help shape the industry through our research, technical innovations, and commitment to quality and service.

  • Color: Gray
  • Section: Rotary Machines
  • Configuration: Clipcord

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