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Tattoo Armrest Extension

Cat # 4237   Tattoo Armrest Extension

The True Armrest Extension helps keeps your reference material, iPad or tablet viewable while tattooing. Combine it with a a TidBit Tray to create a mini workstation while on the road or at a convention.

  • multi Joint adjustable Aluminum Alloy base will fit most armrests, flat-edged tables, desks, and counters.
  • Universal 360° rotating Spring Loaded Adjustable Holder fits True Tattoo Tidbit Tray and any tablet 7” to 13”.

Tablet Set-Up Tips:

  • 7" tablets use 4x Large legs (portrait mode)
  • Ipad Air (Retina) use 4 x Small legs
  • 10" tablets (Ipad 2/3/4) use 2x Large and 2 x Small legs
  • 13" tablets use 4 x Large legs (landscape mode)

Brought to you from the creative mind of MD Tattoos.

True TidBit Trays and tablets fit perfectly in True Arm Rest Extensions!

About True Tubes:

True Tubes & True Grips have been developed, researched, tested, and designed by tattoo artists for tattoo artists. Original True Grips I and True Grip II are the world's first ever eco-friendly, all disposable, memory foam grip covers developed by tattoo artists for tattoo artists.

  • Section: Arm Rests
  • Configuration: Armrest Extension

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Last ordered July 7, 2014

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