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Vegan Blue Tattoo Cream - 118 ml

Cat # 4248   Vegan Blue Tattoo Cream - 118 ml

Vegan Blue Tattoo Cream is a skin care product and glide from the mind of tattooist Nikko Hurtado. Vegan Blue's key ingredient is Turmeric Root, which has many health benefits and is a natural anti inflammatory. Vegan Blue aids in the tattoo healing process, and helps maintain healthy skin. This is not just another tattoo cream!

  • 4oz (118ml) bottle
  • For use as Aftercare and Glide
  • Vegan formula

About Anchored:

After years of development, testing and a little trial and error, Nikko Hurtado proudly presents the Anchored line of products that now includes Anchored Stencil Solution and Vegan Blue Tattoo Cream.


  • Castor Jelly.
  • Ceteary Alcohol.
  • Organic Sunflower Seed Oil.
  • Stearic Acid.
  • Organic Safflower Oil.
  • Organic Mango Butter.
  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.
  • Neem Leaf Extract.
  • Neem Flower Extract.
  • Amino Esters-1.
  • Ivy Gourd Fruit Extract.
  • Eggplant Fruit Extract.
  • Aloe Flower Extract.
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Holy Basil Leaf Extract
  • Tumeric Root Extract.
  • Red Seaweed Extract
  • Section: Ointments / Glides
  • Volume: 118 ml

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Great product! Unscented and vegan, not a greasy consistency.

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    Sault Ste. Marie
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