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Wipe Outz - Shop Towels - QTY 3

Cat # 4475   Wipe Outz - Shop Towels - QTY 3

Wipe Outz Shop Towels were designed, tested and approved by tattoo artists, and made specifically with their specialized needs in mind. WipeOutz shop towels produce less lint than standard paper towels, resulting in fewer needle clogs, less irritated skin, and tattoos that heal better. Gamma-sterilized for extra safety, Wipe Outz Shop Towels feature a convenient “select-a-size” option (80 to 160 towels per roll) and are individually shrink-wrapped in quantities of three rolls. Field testing has shown that tattoo artists need to use fewer Wipe Outz Shop Towels than typical paper towels, making Wipe Outz a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

Package of 3 Individually Shrink-Wrapped Rolls

  • Soft yet durable
  • Highly absorbent
  • Gamma-sterilized and individually wrapped rolls with poly film to prevent contamination
  • Less Lint = Fewer Needle Clogs
  • Convenient Select-Size (80-160 paper towels per roll)
  • More Sustainable than Standard Paper Towels
  • Designed, Tested, and Approved by Tattoo Artists

About Wipe Outz:

Wipe Outz is the brainchild of tattoo artist Mike Devries. the primary goal of Wipe Outz is to advance not only the art of tattooing, but also the health and welfare of artists and their clients

  • Color: White
  • Section: Paper towel
  • Quantity: QTY 3

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