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How to register for an account

To purchase items and see pricing from the Eikon store you will need a Professional or General account.

We offer two account types:

Professional Account

If you are a professional artist you will require a Professional account and approval before your first order can be shipped. Once approved, you will be able to purchase products from our full catalogue.

Our Customer Service team will review all Professional accounts within two business days. Artists awaiting approval for a Professional account will be able to make purchases as a General account customer.

General Account

General accounts have limited access to our catalogue. These accounts are available for customers looking to purchase non-tattoo specific items such as books, art supplies, bandaging, and aftercare.  

Outside North America?

The Eikon Store sells tattoo supplies and equipment to professional tattoo artists in Canada and the United States. If you are a customer from outside of Canada and the USA, please visit our Shop International page for a complete list of authorized distributors.

Note: All customers are responsible for ensuring their account information is kept up to date. This includes your password, contact information, shipping and payment information.