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From now til March 31, 2021 we're putting a 72-hour heat pack in every ink order. Reduce the risk of frozen ink - LEARN MORE!

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Eikon Tattoo Supplies

Welcome to our tattoo supply store! We've been in business for 25 years, providing professional artists with quality products and industry leading customer service.

With over 2000 carefully curated items in our catalogue, including a wide selection of power, machines, disposables and medical supplies, we have what you need to keep your shop running.  

If you're a tattoo artist and would like to purchase products from Eikon please sign-up for a Professional Account, if you haven't already. As a professional artist you can purchase from our entire selection of tattoo equipment and supplies. 

Your time is money, So we’ve made it easier to browse products in our catalogue. Check out our new features to help find what you need, like our new filtering options to search products, our Fav List feature to save products, and our updated ink section to compare ink colours and brands using our ink swatch viewer.

If you have any questions about ordering, shipping or warranty information visit our customer service section to get the answers you need.

At Eikon Tattoo Supply we are here to help, whether that’s by providing you with the best selection of quality products or great customer service.

Let us focus on the supplies, so you can focus on your art.

-- The Eikon Team

Latest News

Primed Vitality Nitrile Gloves | Update

December 3, 2020
It's been nearly a month since we first introduced you to PriMED Vitality gloves, and we thought we’d take a second to check-in, and let you know that we have heard your con...

New@Eikon | Cheyenne Craft Clear Cartridges

December 3, 2020
For those of you who love Cheyenne Craft cartridges, their newly updated CLEAR design maintains the same great needle quality of the original Cheyenne Safety Cartridges, including ...

New@Eikon | Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited 4.0

December 3, 2020
Cheyenne’s Sol Nova Unlimited 4.0 has a versatile 4.0mm stroke length, and the needle depth can be adjusted from 0 to 4.0mm. It operates at a low frequency for color realism and...
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